Want to cut SIM supply chain costs in half and grab market share?

Go for automatic SIM activation, and pave the future to the next M2M wave.

Subscriber activation

By enabling real-time automatic SIM activation, Buzzinbees improves operator service and brings new revenue-generating opportunities such as user-selected numbers.

Machine activation

By allowing operators to use the cheapest SIM cards at no activation cost, Buzzinbees’ machine to machine (M2M) service platform eliminates the barrier-to-entry for device network-enablement. It expands uptime reliability, improves customer service and creates a multitude of new revenue-generating opportunities.

Charging mediation

For operators to provide end users with competitive tariff plans for multiple services, Buzzinbees offers real-time charging mediation. Buzzinbees enables flexible and scalable M2M commercialization by integrating charging control in the core of the network.