compassBuzzinbees core values assume high-principled business ethics, we behave on the basis of respect and trust:

  • we treat all of our customers, suppliers and partners with the same respect and equity,
  • we do not engage in anything that would stifle competition and we do not disparage competitors,
  • we see never to be in conflict of interests situations,
  • we decline business gifts other than items of small intrinsic value.

In other words, we play fair even more so when confronted with unfair players.


Our values

Simplicity, respect, trust, agility, curiosity… and unconventional thinking

At Buzzinbees, we value:

  • simplicity, as simplicity is the only way to make an impact and scale,
  • respect for individuals, whether customers, colleagues or suppliers,
  • trustworthy relationships, and this entails meeting our commitments,
  • agility and efficiency in everything we do,
  • curiosity, i.e. a bias for listening and strong appetite for understanding customers and end users,
  • unconventional thinking, because thinking out of the box is the only way unsolved problems can be solved.