Our name reminisces of the highly social, industrious, communicating bees. We want a world that makes it easy for individuals to help one another via ubiquitous social networks; a world that buzzes like a hive full of industrious bees. Our name also evokes what keeps our business busy: people buzzing one another. And our company, Buzzinbees, powers communication networks around the globe.

Our vision is to improve well-being by making communications simple.

At Buzzinbees, we believe that:

  • communications play a major role in the well-being of humankind; we are proud to contribute to their progress,
  • communicating must be simple and easy; this starts with ourselves: despite our sophisticated technology, our language remains simple and direct, even with specialists,
  • communication favors long term relationships and trust; we never let our customers nor our employees down,
  • communications must be honest; we make sure our employees and our customers understand how we manage to be financially sound while providing best value for money.