Building a successful M₂M ecosystem

In an interview with’s Mobile Communications International magazine, Jean-Rene Bouvier, head of Buzzinbees, explains the risks involved in machine-to-machine (M₂M) as the connected world concept becomes a reality.

With the number of connections increasing exponentially, the M₂M market looks promising. Nevertheless, operators face several hurdles to turn this opportunity into a profitable market.

Mobile operators now provide the most ubiquitous connectivity, but their networks are already saturated by mobile penetration rates often in excess of 100% and they are not ready to cope with the additional M₂M connectivity burden. Additionally, with M₂M ARPU being a fraction of that of mobile subscribers, operators have limited motivation to improve their infrastructure.

To remain a key player in the M₂M communication space, operators need to reduce costs and better manage device connectivity. Unless they do so, M₂M communication could shift to less-convenient but more-affordable means of communication. Therefore, the operators must build a successful ecosystem that helps reduce costs. Buzzinbees offers a key play in that ecosystem.

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About Buzzinbees

Buzzinbees provides equipment and software vendors with software that enables operators to make communication simple while making the most of their networks. Buzzinbees’s network elements provide or enhance 2.5G, 3G, and 4G networks with critical capabilities. The Buzzinbees’s team boasts deep expertise that allows operators to remove risks and quickly launch proven and innovative solutions. Buzzinbees’ SIM on-off node (Bee-SOON) flagship product provides networks with automatic SIM activation.

Telecommunication operators and equipment providers worldwide have used Buzzinbees’s carrier grade technology since 1988 with over 7,000 deployed platforms in nearly all telecommunication networks of the world.

More than three billion people rely on Buzzinbees’s technology for telecommunications.

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