Buzzinbees wins the jury prize for the most disruptive innovation

Buzzinbees won the Pôle SCS special jury prize rewarding the most disruptive innovation: its machine-to-machine (M2M) solution lowers mobile infrastructure costs by a factor of over 100, allowing telecommunication operators to offer inexpensive M2M communication and cater for the long tail of this explosive market.

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For M2M to gain mass adoption, communication price must come at a fraction of the cost of the device, while setting up this communication must be very simple. By allowing mobile operators to reuse their existing infrastructure without adding any specific equipment and without penalizing existing telephony services, Buzzinbees enables the industry to build and market communicating objects at prices below 25 USD including lifetime subscription for M2M communications.

Today only high-end applications (luxury cars, transportation of goods, telemedicine, etc…) can benefit from M2M communications through mobile networks while allowing operators to cover their costs; it is not possible for operators to massively offer M2M communication under 50¢ per month and per machine. To overcome this situation, some startups have proposed to create specialized networks based on proprietary technology. With its innovative approach, Buzzinbees makes it possible to reuse existing technology and mobile networks, making commercial success much more likely.

With Buzzinbees, operators can seize the market long tail, where the number of specialized applications has the upper hand on a small number of mass-market applications.

Buzzinbees filed 6 key patents, making its MLR — M2M location register, the equivalent of an HLR for M2M — the lynchpin of M2M communication: operators can scale the number of connected devices into their existing networks by a factor of well over a hundred, activate them while they roam, rehome them and offer central and flexible invoicing without additional investment. Buzzinbees leveraged its flagship product — Bee-SOON — to endow its MLR with proven interoperability and unmatched scalability.

About Buzzinbees

Buzzinbees provides equipment and software vendors with software that enables operators to make communication simple while making the most of their networks. Buzzinbees’s network elements provide or enhance 2.5G, 3G, and 4G networks with critical capabilities. The Buzzinbees’s team boasts deep expertise that allows operators to remove risks and quickly launch proven and innovative solutions. Buzzinbees’ SIM on-off node (Bee-SOON) flagship product provides networks with automatic SIM activation.

Telecommunication operators and equipment providers worldwide have used Buzzinbees’s carrier grade technology since 1988 with over 7,000 deployed platforms in nearly all telecommunication networks of the world.

More than three billion people rely on Buzzinbees’s technology for telecommunications.

About Pôle SCS

The world-class cluster for secured communicating solutions gathers actors of microelectronics, software, telecommunications, multimedia, services and uses of the information and communication technology of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region. Its mission is to favor the emergence of innovative collaborative projects between all the actors (researchers, industrialists, training institutions and local administrations) to design and develop new solutions which integrate components, software, networks and systems to exchange and process information in a secured and reliable way. Pôle SCS so participates in the development of the economy, the competitiveness of companies and employment by using the levers of innovation, training and partnership.

Pôle SCS organizes the information and communication technology innovation competition with the support of the PACA regional council, MedInSoft, Arcsis, SAME, Telecom Valley and business incubators.

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