Real-time charging mediation

Prepaid revenue leakage?

Charge usage in real time

Rigid charging system?

Easily evolve plans

We provide accurate tracking and control of subscribers’ consumption of voice, messaging and value-added services. By integrating user interaction, our product provides subscribers with real-time charging information and allows them to easily top-up their account. With convergent charging, operators can quickly launch bundled communication services and capture high-ARPU subscribers. Convergent charging also enables hybrid plans for user groups (e.g. small businesses, families). It reduces the risks of revenue leakage for prepaid users and enables real-time remaining balance access for postpaid users. It increases loyalty and reduces churn.

How this works 

Buzzinbees real-time charging mediation provides full service control over core network elements: its product can reject or permit service requests for any subscriber, based on online charging system (OCS) information. It validates service requests, whether initiated by subscribers or routed to roaming subscribers. For authorized service requests, the product verifies the subscriber’s balance by polling the OCS. As soon as the subscriber has reached the allocated credit limit, it stops the service. Our product includes USSD, SMS and IVR communication for balance information. It also controls interaction with subscribers through USSD or IVRs for account top-up. It helps operators optimize and converge their infrastructure by including prepaid and postpaid as well as wireless and wireline charging. Running on standard hardware and operating system, Bee-SOON charging relies on a proven signaling stack and scales according to the operator needs.