Signaling solutions

Need to evolve your network and continue using existing applications?

Interconnect networks of different generations

Must provide
uninterrupted service?

Rely on N+1 highly-available platforms
(five-nines availability)

Need to cope with the traffic exponential growth?

Dynamically scale your signaling platforms

Want carrier-grade signaling?

Deploy proven signaling solutions

Our product is a well-tried multi-purpose core network node that solves the routing and load-balancing challenges faced by operators. Its N+1 active-active architecture offers high-availability and linear scalability up to hundred thousand transactions per second across SS7 and SIGTRAN networks. With Bee-SOON signaling, operators can smoothly transition from legacy SS7 to SIGTRAN networks.

Buzzinbees’s technology is the fundamental core of HP’s network solutions widely deployed around the world since 1988. Buzzinbees supports round-the-clock 7,000+ mission-critical systems (five-nines availability), white-labeled with HP, Nokia, Ericsson and others, and deployed throughout 135 countries.

How this works 

Bee-SOON signaling CSP (common signaling platform) is both a development and a service execution environment for telecom applications. Services developed with Bee-SOON signaling automatically benefit from its fault-tolerant, distributed and scalable architecture: multiple front-end processors handle signaling, while the back-end processors take care of application logic and high-level protocols. State and topology are automatically replicated between the platform components, so that any component can replace a faulty component of the same type, preventing single points of failure. Bee-SOON signaling CSP applications meet the 5 nines availability requirements of operators and exhibit linear scalability: for instance, an 8-server node runs 64 concurrent application copies serving 40 million subscribers. Bee-SOON signaling CSP provides the signaling connectivity, high-availability and scalability to Bee-SOON activation, Bee-SOON profiling and Bee-SOON charging.

With Bee-SOON signaling STP (signaling transfer point), operators can interconnect all combinations of SS7 and SIGTRAN-based services without incurring the cost of additional platforms nor having to go through complex network topology changes. Services can be deployed across a virtually unlimited number of servers, while the scalable Bee-SOON signaling STP acts as a signaling hub to manage the networks complexity as well as the signaling traffic load sharing and growth. Bee-SOON signaling STP integrates advanced features such as intelligent routing and filtering. The Bee-SOON signaling STP load balancing mechanisms allow operators to configure the outgoing traffic distribution to SS7 and SIGTRAN destinations.