Subscriber profiling

Need more successful marketing campaigns?

Push real-time offers based on subscriber behavior

Must fight churn?

Increase customer loyalty with targeted offers

Need to improve QoS?

Monitor subscribers per cell in real time

Need to track subscriber devices?

Detect handset changes

With real-time probes that detect specific subscriber events (location update, roaming, inactivity, handset change, etc…), we enable operators to immediately react to information updates with offers tailored according to subscriber behavior, hence enhancing the user experience.

How this works 

Buzzinbees intercepts MAP (mobile application part) messages and triggers a business rule engine to send offers or to inform the operator of specific events. Bee-SOON profiling can extract additional information from the phone and the operator systems, such as cell ID, and can transmit it to specific applications. Bee-SOON profiling integrates automatic device detection, cloned-device detection and equipment identity register (EIR) capabilities. It integrates a messaging function, sparing the operator SMSC (short message service center) and USSD (unstructured supplementary service data) gateway from the marketing messages load. Operators can also use Bee-SOON profiling to monitor network cell usage to improve quality of service (QoS).