Professional services

Because partners are key to its success, Buzzinbees provides a wide range of professional services to make these partnerships efficient and mutually beneficial. These services are delivered by Buzzinbees consultants with over 10 years of expertise in the telecommunication field and help customers speed up time to market and revenue generation.


Buzzinbees experts allow partners to take full advantage of products and development tools by providing in-depth recommendations and advice on application programming interfaces (API), development environment and platform configuration.

The partner developer training enables engineering teams to design and develop service applications on top of Buzzinbees products, making the most of these products to develop value-added services.

The partner developer remote assistance allows engineering teams to get on-call assistance from Buzzinbees experts when developing applications on top of Buzzinbees products. This expertise saves developers time and gives them greater confidence in their developments.


The partner enablement training empowers partners to deploy Buzzinbees products and to provide the first levels of support without assistance from Buzzinbees. This curriculum covers product installation, configuration, operation and troubleshooting, along with practical exercises.

The partner deployment assistance ensures swift and efficient deployment of Buzzinbees products into customer networks. With the deployment assistance, partners benefit from Buzzinbees experts support for questions or issues arising during installation, configuration, startup, integration of Buzzinbees products into IT and telecom networks. We can deliver this assistance on-site or remotely.

The emergency deployment assistance allows partners to get on-the-spot assistance from Buzzinbees experts when configuring or setting up Buzzinbees products. This service can be delivered on-site or remotely.

And beyond

Partners can request Buzzinbees to deliver administrator and operator training to their telecom operator customers. The course trains the operators’ staff in day-to-day operation, administration and monitoring of Buzzinbees products, as well as how to rapidly diagnose and solve most problems. Customers can hence increase operational efficiency and minimize the risk of human error.

The remote configuration optimization targets products already deployed. It allows partners to get assistance from Buzzinbees experts when configuring, updating or auditing these products.

Buzzinbees can also offer tailored services to address specific customer requirements.