Strategic licensing agreement

Buzzinbees teams with HP to provide signaling software for telecom companies

GRENOBLE, France, February 3, 2010 – Buzzinbees today announced an agreement with HP to ensure that signaling software from HP will continue to be enhanced and available to the world’s telecom service providers.

Under the agreement, which went into effect Dec. 1, 2009, HP is licensing its signaling technologies to Buzzinbees, which commits to enhance and evolve the software assets. HP will source its signaling needs from Buzzinbees and continue to sell signaling solutions to customers under the HP brand. Buzzinbees will support HP sales as well as its own sales. Signaling software manages the network connection between two callers and provides the foundation for a wide range of value-added services in many wired and wireless networks. HP signaling software has been used by service providers since 1988.

Buzzinbees has a wealth of experience and expertise in SS7, IMS and SIP technologies, and is committed to keeping customers on the leading edge, said Jean-Rene Bouvier, chief executive officer, Buzzinbees.

Service providers will enjoy the best of both worlds: advanced signaling technologies from a focused team at Buzzinbees, and the confidence of buying from HP,” said Ottavio Carparelli, director, Communications and Media Solutions, HP. “HP will continue to enrich its portfolios for service providers, HP NGOSS, HP RealTime BSS, HP Digital Media, and HP Service Delivery Infrastructure/Applications. Buzzinbees will evolve this critical technology and ensure that it meets the needs of customers all over the globe,” Bouvier added.

About Buzzinbees

Telecommunication operators and equipment providers worldwide have used HP carrier grade signaling since 1988, and Buzzinbees enhances and evolves this technology through a strategic licensing agreement with HP’s Communications & Media Solutions business. The Buzzinbees portfolio encompasses network elements and solutions built atop a comprehensive suite of signaling products providing a complete development platform based on the global telecommunication standards and protocols that power today’s and tomorrow’s networks.

Buzzinbees’s SS7 and IMS platforms embed advanced modular capabilities for messaging, subscriber management and charging. Buzzinbees’s network elements provide or enhance 2.5G, 3G and next generation networks with critical capabilities. The Buzzinbees’s team has deep expertise and solid service delivery that allows operators to remove risks and quickly launch proven and innovative solutions.

Buzzinbees is a privately-owned company that supplies signaling and SIP technologies to both HP and the communications market overall, and is committed to investing in this critical technology area and to market new, innovative products and solutions.

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